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It is everyone’s dream to have a long, lustrous and bouncy hair. Especially, in the current generation hair falling has been a common problem. We usually care the external causes; undergo hair growth treatment for the hair loss. But, we forget a point, how we need vitamins and minerals internally for the hair growth. Intake of the vitamin is not a rocket science. Hair growth vitamins are available in our daily food intake.

The Best hair vitamins are available in fruits, vegetables, and non-vegetarian items. When you start to consume the natural hair growth vitamins along with proper hair care, you can virtually see the reduction in hair loss. Don’t you want? Comes let us have a look at the best hair vitamins and their sources.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for sebum production which is natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands. The oils always keep the hair and hair follicle, skin moisturized. The sebaceous glands are present near the hair roots in the dermis layer of the skin confide the fat soluble Vitamin A supply for the development and maintain their function. So, if you wish to always stay with a soft, silky hair, then do not forget to include dark green leafy vegetables, orange, Eggs, Broccoli, Fortified milk and cereals, yellow vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin B

Biotin and Pantothenic acid are rich in Vitamin B and these are the Hair growth vitamins. It is often prescribed as a supplement for fast hair growth along with the healthy head. Vitamin B supports in glucose production and breaks down proteins into amino acids. As keratin is naturally present in hair, a protein form, it naturally supports healthy hair. Other than this, vitamin B helps in increasing red blood cells that carry sufficient oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. Almonds, Meat, Seafood, dark leafy greens, fish, whole grains are rich in Vitamin B.

Vitamin C

Free radical damage has the potential to block the hair growth. Vitamin C is rich in anti-oxidant that helps the hair against oxidative stress induced by free radicals. Collagen is a key part of hair structure which needs vitamin C to create in the body. The best hair growth treatment is to take Vitamin C from citrus fruits, strawberries, pepper, shellfish, and organ meats.

Vitamin D

Some research showed that there is a fine connection between hair loss/alopecia and inadequate vitamin D. It has also been found that Vitamin D helps in creating new follicles through which new hair strands grow. So, instead of trying hair growth products superficially, get enough vitamin D from the sunrays and intake mushroom, fortified foods, fatty fish, beef liver, egg yolk to improve your hair growth.

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Vitamin E

It is as rich in anti-oxidant as Vitamin C that prevents oxidative stress. Vitamin E also supports repairing and building tissue that is necessary for a healthy hair growth. Vitamin E, as the best hair vitamins are available in Green leafy vegetables, Nuts, spinach, Sunflower seeds.

Nature bestowed all of us with vitamin and mineral rich eatables. You do not need to spend from your wallet for hair growth products. Regular intake of fortified, balanced diet along with stress-free life will automatically improve your physical, mental and hair health.

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