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Even though hemorrhoids afflict mostly middle aged people, there are few exceptional cases of home remedies for hemorrhoids in children below the age of 20 years. Hemorrhoids in children could also cause the common unpleasant symptoms like pain, swelling and itching thus requiring treatment.

However, the best treatment for hemorrhoids in children involves the use of natural remedies for piles because of the often immature digestive and renal systems in children; their bodies might not be able to handle exposure to conventional drugs properly.

Also the incidence of the complications of thrombosis and prolapse that could require surgical treatment is very low in childhood hemorrhoids so most of them will only need simple natural cures to deal with them.

There are two main contributory factors to the development of home remedies for hemorrhoids in children: constipation and diarrhea. Therefore, the natural treatment of piles in children should aim at eliminating these two factors.

These are essential tips that you have to note when you want to cure piles in children at home:

1. Make Sure You Increase Their Intake Of Fiber

Children naturally like to eat sweet and pastry based foods like cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, candy etc. However, the consumption of these foods items will only worsen their symptoms of piles.

These foods are low in fiber and they will only make their stools hard and more compact. You must educate your children on the need to shun these foods because of their condition and you must also introduce them to foods that have more nutritional value and that are rich in fiber to their diet.

High fiber foods that should be included in their diet include vegetables, fruits and whole grain cereals which they can take as breakfast.

2. Increase Their Consumption Of Fluids

Children might not want to drink water all the time so you need to give them a lot of fruit juices everyday to soften their stools so as to reduce constipation. Encourage them to drink at least eight to ten glasses of fluids everyday.

3. Make Use Of Olive Oil

You can give the children bland olive oil to help lubricate their anal canal and ease passage of stools out of the body. Olive oil can also be applied directly to the anus.

4. Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Herbal cures offer a safe and effective means of treating piles in children; some of the herbs that can be used to treat piles in young children include aloe vera, chamomile and Chinese herbs.

There are some ancient Chinese herbs that have proven to be very safe and effective in the treatment of piles in children.

If properly applied, simple home cures will get rid of most cases of hemorrhoids in children.

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