How To Use A Personal Trainer To Dominate Your Sport

We all know that top athletes and professional sports people have and use their coaches to achieve enormous feats of human ability and set records year after year in their chosen discipline, but it’s not just the professionals and the athletes that can tap into these experts knowledge and coaching to achieve their dreams…..

Right around the time personal training came affordable to the masses not only did it bring the opportunities to lose weight as fast and effectively as the rich and famous it also brought an opportunity that is less utilized and even known about, that is the chance to receive coaching on the level of an Olympic athlete or a professional footballer and achieve great things if you are a budding young athlete or just an amateur park player. No personal training is not just for weight loss.

Back when I was an aspiring football player training full time and trying to carve out a career in professional sport I was a little underweight and although I had access to top level coaches, they lack the knowledge to help me pack on size, so I would spend hours in the gym following programs that probably actually made me even smaller. Needless to say I never gained any size and was never offered a full professional contract and looking back If I had realised what a personal trainer could have done for me, like sorted out my nutrition as well as my strength and conditioning program, I would’ve 100% hired one and who knows I may still not have gotten that contract but I would’ve for sure had a better chance.

The point that I’m trying to make is never more crucial when it comes to athletes. UK athletics is desperately underfunded and that was never more evident than in the extremely poor showing in the Beijing Olympics for a country of our size. Young athlete’s in this country just do not automatically have the access to coaches of say the U.S but what a lot of them probably do not realise is that most of the best coaches in this country gravitate towards personal training as the pay and opportunities are much better.

So my advice to you, if you want to dominate your sport or give you or you kids a better chance of carving out a professional career in sport, seek out a personal trainer but look for one that specialises in your sport or even has personal experience in that field and use them to your benefit.

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